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City Church

There's a place for you @ Buffalo Gap!

Early History of the Buffalo Gap Church

About the middle of the nineteenth century, the Buffalo Gap Furnace Company created a boom in Buffalo Gap, by placing an iron furnace here. A town of some seventy houses sprang up quickly, and the Company erected a small building on this lot for a community church. The Furnace Company failed after a few years, and the people moved away leaving a ghost town, which was taken over by the Buffalo Gap Development Company.

The little church building was used as a school in the winter, and for religious services whenever anyone wanted to use it. About 1893, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bear of Loch Willow, opened up a Sunday school in Buffalo Gap Church during the summer months. This they continued for many years.

In 1916, the Helping Hand Bible Class at Loch Willow began conducting Sunday School at Buffalo Gap. A revival at Buffalo Gap in 1918 aroused new interest in the work here and on April 14, 1920, W. H. Adkins, member of Loch Willow and Trustee for the Development Company, conveyed to Loch Willow the church site and building. The people set to work building a new church, which was completed and dedicated in about 1926. The work at Buffalo Gap was mostly a summer project until 1951, when the Chapel began a year-round program, conducted by Mr. M. S. Newcomer, Mr. E. E. Smith, and Mr. Carl Buchanan.