Sundays 9 am 12 Parkersburg Pike, Swoope, VA 24479

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Buffalo Gap Presbyterian Church

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"We are a people responding to God's boundless love. Guided by the Holy Spirit to: * Grow in faith and understanding of God's will * Proclaim God's Word through worship, Bible study, and prayer * Nurture, care for and share our gifts and resources with God's children * Welcome others to join with us in sharing His love In this community and in the world"

News & Announcements

  1. 28 March - Congregational Bible Study, Tuesday April 2, (click for information)
  2. 28 March - Palm Sunday, April 13th (click for information)
  3. 28 March - Maundy Thursday, April 17th (click for information)
  4. 28 March - Easter Worship, April 20th (click for information)